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Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
49ers in control. the defense, big. check patrick willis for a sack on clemens. one of four 49er sacks. 49ers wore down the rams to improve 8-4. >> tough opponent and you know, all of the -- all of the pressure of the high stakes of this time of the year. i thought our guys answered the bell on that. >> male viewers, shield your eyes. not a good place to be hit there. >> no. >> a lot of chippiness out there. not anything on our part but on their part. and, you know, maybe that was their game plan but it did not work. >> why are we showing nick bowls? he beat the card nals. 1 of two scores. eagles hold on to beat the cardinals 24-21. so, the 49ers now have the one- game lead before the final wild car spot. a bunch with the panthers now. sanfrancisco will host the division-leading seahawks next sunday at the stake. afc business, the raiders had the day off. they got to sit back and watch two division rivals get after each other. the chiefs at broncos, manning, the broncos h to play catch up. alex smith, looking for anthony. it is 21-17. but, then, it would be go time for manning an
Dec 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
defense and special teams started early, kassim osgood with the blocked punt setting up one of three 49er field goals in the 1st half. the seahawks were busy getting six. 11-yard touchdown to give seattle the lead. it would be a back and forth kind of football game. wasn't till right before the half the 49ers found the end zone, kaepernick firing one to vernon davis, his 11th touchdown of the year. 49ers up by two points at the half. looking to tack on 3rd quarter kaepernick picked off by byron maxwell right at the goal line, wasted trip by the offense into the seahawks red zone. seattle kicked a field goal to go up in the 4th, but the 49ers had a chance to respond and boy, did they. frank gore is off, 51-yard run, season long for him to the seattle 20. a few plays later it's a 3rd downplay. kaepernick doing with his feet, look at the convoy of blockers, a critical 1st down that helps them run the clock down. all they need was a field goal and keith wilson off the field. 30 seconds left phil dawson chip shots, game win are and the 49ers prevail -- winner and the 49ers prevail, 19-17 over
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2